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Fusing Supplies


Introducing the Easy Fire High Temperature Enamels.

This is an exciting new collection of scorching hot colors that are easy to fire and don’t require venting or mixing. Just pop them in the kiln and fuse fire.

Glass Kilns

We carry an assortment of glass kilns, in a variety of sizes to suit your space, electricity supply, and your budget.


A huge range of products to shape, drape and slump your fused glass creations!

Accessory Glass

A wide range of accessory glass to add creativity and new details for all your fused glass artworks.

Firing Supplies

We carry all the essentials to get your glass projects set up and firing; as well as a range of accessories to enable you to get creative and add interesting detail to your glass artworks. We stock:

  • Pre-firing preparations such as Glass Tac and Super Spray Overglaze;
  • Kiln Wash/Mould Primer;
  • High Temperature Wire;
  • Thin Fire Paper, Fibre Blanket and Kiln Board;

Jewellery and Display

We carry all you need to turn your fused glass creations into wearable art. We also carry a range of creative and functional ways to exhibit your glass creations, as well as innovative products that make marvellous gift ideas.

  • Necklace and Earring Bails;
  • Pendant Plates;
  • E6000 Glue;
  • Neoprene and Assorted Necklaces
  • Display Stands – Free Standing and Wall Mounted;
  • Wall Standoffs and Mounting Hardware;
  • Cabochon Wine Bottle Stoppers and Purse Hangers;

Paints, Decals and Enamels

We carry a wide range of glass paints and decals, for use in glass fusing, to as detail and a new dimension to all you creative work.


We carry a selection of both instructional and inspirational books on kiln formed glass. Popular titles include:

  • Glass Fusing Made Easy
  • Innovative Adornments
  • Introduction to Glass Fusing
  • Fuse It
  • A Beginners Guide to Kiln Formed Glass
  • 500 Glass Objects
  • Glass Kiln Casting
  • Kiln Formed Bracelets
  • Exotic Art of Bracelet Forming
  • Pate de Verre
  • The Art of Fusing Pictures in Glass
  • Contemporary Warm Glass
  • Dichroics: Art Glass All Dressed Up
  • Passion for Colour
  • and several titles by Boyce Lundstrom