Wissmach 96 Glass

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Transparent glasses boast their colour in all manner of transmitted light. These simple glasses are the foundation of traditional glasswork, and are available in a selection of colour and texture.


Opalescent glass is mostly opaque, yet displays a muted, luminescent glow when backlit. Whether a colourful or neutral hue, smooth or textured surface, the rich tones of opalescent glass are a staple in every glass palette. Opals are the pure expression of visible colour and combined with Transparents, contribute the depth and refraction that makes art glass so appealing.


The Prisma line is designed specifically for kiln forming and offers a glass that ranges from soft wisps of colour to more intense streaky colour combinations. The predominant colour in the colour mix is listed first in the description, making it easy to identify the colour balance and intensity to expect. Each side of The swirls of colour throughout the glass create a unique colour pattern on each side of the sheet, doubling your design options.