Wissmach Glass

Wissmach Glass

Classic Cathedral

Classic Cathedral Glass features a beautiful lightly hammered random texture and comes in a range of bold colours.

English Muffle

English Muffle glass was originally produced in England around 1900. Once production ceased in the 1940’s, demand for this glass escalated. English Muffle is now back in production and is produced in the United States by Wissmach. It has a subtle texture and is available in a wonderful variety of both rich and soft traditional colours.


Wissmach glass is made up of a single colour. Opacity of the glass is dependent to the colour of the sheet. Lighter colours will allow more light to pass through and darker colours will reduce light transmission. We carry a selection of their different textures.


The Flemish patterned texture is very old and much loved. We carry this small but lovely range of colours in this cathedral glass, so perfect for backgrounds, both in traditional leadlights and for more modern designs too. It has a heavy texture which creates excellent obscurity and is multidirectional, making it very economical to use.


Wissmach’s Florentine is a rolled glass with flower pattern, often used in Victorian style windows, doors and entryway sets, as well as inclusion panels in furniture pieces. Today we feel we can use any glass for any purpose, and as well as leadlights it looks wonderful in suncatchers, with a special ability to really sparkle in the sunlight.


Wissmach moss textured glass is a lovely patterned alternative when looking for a glass suitable to create definite background obscurity, or a textural change within your panel. The colour range is interesting and it cuts nicely.


Wissmach make some beautiful opal glasses, of which we stock just these few at the moment. Opalescent glass is made with a combination of white glass and a cathedral colour. The opacity of this type of glass is in relation to the amount of white glass used in its creation.


Wissmach produce this wonderful range of cathedral glass with a medium ripple texture. Used in conjunction with other smoother glasses, it brings a wonderful sparkle to selected areas of your design. Perfect for borders too!