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Moretti Glass

The beadmaker’s choice of glass rods. Imported from Italy, we carry a large range of this soft, easy to work glass that is ideal for beginners and small torch users.

  • Rod Diameter: 5-6mm
  • Rod Length: 330mm or 1metre
  • Coefficient of Expansion (Coe): 104

Accessories and Consumables

We carry all the essentials such as Mandrel Release and Mapp gas as well as a huge range of accessories to embellish your lampwork beads such as:

  • Adventurine and Goldstone;
  • Silver and Copper Foil and Leaf;
  • Pixie Dusts, Reduction Frits and Glow-in-the-Dark Powders;
  • Fine Silver Wire;
  • Millefiori;
  • and Dichroic Glass.


We carry all the basics to get you started; as well as a large selection of the finest quality tools and equipment to allow you to shape, mash, poke and create interesting beads! We carry the popular Hot Head torch and Nortel Minor Burners; amongst other essentials such as:

  • Flameworking Glasses to protect your eyes;
  • Graphite Paddles and Aluminium Shaping Marvers;
  • Rakes, Picks and Tweezers;
  • A huge range of Mashing Tools including Stars, Leaves and Parallel Mashers;
  • Marble Moulds and Lentil Shapers;
  • Stainless Steel Mandrels and Rod Rests;
  • and other fun accessories such as the ‘Holy Roller’

Jewellery and Display

We carry all you need to turn your fused glass creations into wearable art. We also carry a range of creative and functional ways to exhibit your glass creations, as well as innovative products that make marvellous gift ideas.

  • Necklace and Earring Bails;
  • Pendant Plates;
  • E6000 Glue;
  • Neoprene and Assorted Necklaces
  • Cabochon Wine Bottle Stoppers and Purse Hangers;


We carry a selection of both instructional and inspirational books on lampworking. Popular titles include:

  • Creative Lampwork
  • You can make Glass Beads
  • The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking
  • Glass Bead Jewelry projects
  • The Art and Soul of Glass Beads