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Tools and Equipment

Grinding and Polishing

We carry an extensive range of machines to assist with all aspects of your glass work. We have a selection of grinders from quality brands Inland and Kristall to suit your budget and your work load; and flat lap machines to enable you to professionally finish your fused projects.

Glass Bandsaws

A fabulous addition to any glass studio, bandsaws open up a whole new world of possibilities for your glass projects. Our bandsaws come with the finest quality diamond blades for impeccable glass cutting.

Glass Cutters and Hand Tools

We offer a range of glass cutters to suit your needs, whether it’s straight lines or circles; and a huge selection of pliers for breaking, running and grozing your glass. We carry a selection of soldering irons and associated products for lead and copper foil work; such as lead knives, vices and hand foilers. We carry all the leading brands including Weller, K-Star and Leponitt.

Glass Cutting Systems

This cutting system is perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike, the two systems which Perth Art Glass has in stock included variety of additional components great for building your own glass cutting skills. These system’s allow for greater comfort and ease in scoring glass whilst maintaining a work surface which allows the user to configure the shape to their work table.