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What’s New?

At Perth Art Glass were always excited about getting new products to share with you.

Introducing the Easy Fire Temperature Enamels (Click title to view)

This is an exciting new collection of scorching hot colors that are easy to fire and don’t require venting or mixing. Just pop them in the kiln and fire.
This vibrant mix of reds, oranges, blue, greens and yellows can handle fusing temperatures without issue. Versatile and forgiving, these enamels give you another element to work with in your glass art endeavours.

Flow Bar Kits (Click title to view)

With this kit it is easy to make your own intricate Flow Bars. Just coat the interior with Fuse Master Shelf Primer, stack some strips of glass on the stainless steel rods and fire in the kiln. As the glass softens and flows over the rods into the container below, the pattern swirls and moves creating unique designs that can be consistent throughout the length of the finished glass bar. The results are beautiful and breathtaking glass pattern bars that can be sliced on a diamond saw to reveal their inner design.

Here are some of the latest art glass supplies to arrive: