Lamberts Glass

Lamberts Glass of Germany produces one of the world’s most desirable ranges of exquisite mouth blown, Antique Glass. Manufactured in a centuries old, traditional method, the colours and clarity of this glass are truly superb.

We have a large range of Lamberts glass available online.

Sheets that are produced in their genuine, mouth blown method come in a thickness of 2.5 to 3.5mm. Note the actual thickness can vary between 2mm in the middle and 5mm near the natural edge of a sheet.

Hobby Square sizes are approximately 270mm x 270mm

The Lamberts Gallery sheets above are available in store as full sheets. Sheets are approximately 62 cm x 94 cm.

Come in store to look at the stunning colours in person.

Every one of their sheets is a unique representation of is kind. Consequentially, artisanal features are part of the production process and are not defects. Watch the video to see the incredible process of this special glass being made.

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