What’s New?

What’s New?


As the global COVID-19 outbreak continues to escalate and evolve we wanted to share with you some important information about the steps we are taking to minimise the risk of exposure in our local community.Our greatest priority is the health and safety of all our team members and you, our valued customers.
We are taking extra steps to ensure a clean and hygienic environment in our store with regular sanitisation of high touch areas such as counters and EFTPOS machines. Our team is ensuring regular handwashing and minimising physical contact with customers, so our friendly handshake or kiss will be missing for a while . To reassure you further, none of our team has been overseas for at least a minimum of 8 months and if there is any sign of illness they will be staying at home until well.
We understand there are many of our customers with health issues who wish to self-isolate during this time to minimise any chance of contracting COVID-19. We are more than happy to take phone orders and pack them for you which you can pick up from our gated carpark. We will let you know when the order is available.You can phone and pop the boot when you arrive and we will be happy to load it into your vehicle for you, or if you prefer, leave it in the carpark for you to collect in isolation. For our retail customers you also have the option of using our online store which will operate as usual. You can select delivery by post or local pickup if you prefer.

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Custom Textured Corporate Art

Our latest Corporate art piece, a nice reception backdrop and signage for Australian Mines. This panel is Custom Textured, 10mm substrate, with water jet cut lettering and laminated colour.

Interested in a Corporate art piece or business signage? At Perth Art Glass we specialise in the design and manufacture of Kiln Formed Glass. All of our textured glasses are custom made, one-off productions with no two panels identical keeping your project unique.

With one of the largest glass kilns in Australia for the production of Custom Textured Glass (Slumped Glass), Perth Art Glass is well suited to produce both large scale commercial projects and smaller domestic works.

Our wide experience and technical skills ensure the clients wishes can be made into functional pieces of toughened Architectural Art Glass such as screening, signage, partitions, frameless shower screens and many other applications all conforming to the current Australian Safety Standards.

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Want to see more of our projects? Visit our gallery! Gallery >

Dichroic by Design 2018 Contest Winners

The Dichroic by Design Contest, held in the USA, saw some impressive entries this year! See the contest winners below. 

Try your hand at creating your own piece of art in Dichroic Glass! We stock everything from Dichroic noodles, frits, paper, mosaic tiles to Dichroic sheet glass on black or clear. All System 96 compatible!

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Endless Possibilities with the V8 Vitrigraph Kiln!

Create beautiful Murrine with the V8 multi-purpose kiln. It's capable of all firing types and techniques including glass, vitrigraph, ceramic, metal clays and more. Sized perfectly for a home studio, it's stackable design makes placement easy, especially with vitrigraph work. In stock early 2019 at Perth Art Glass (08)93145811

Christmas Special – Beetle Bits Mini Cutting System

The Beetle Bits Mini System will be ON SALE for all of December! HO-Ho-Hooray!

This glass cutting system aids in scoring angles and straight edges to create basic shapes or strips.
This product was designed with the same principles as the Cutter’s Mate: simplicity, comfort and ease in scoring. The compass dial and rests, resembling beetles, provide ease of cutting from either side of the work surface, or a straight cut perpendicular from the base ruler.

Features of the Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System

  • Wear-resistant straight edge, excellent for strips
  • Compass indicates all popular angles for basic shapes
  • Designed for use with the Waffle Grid surface


  • Oil well
  • 2 Adjustable-angle rests — one for each side of the work surface
  • 1 Stationary straight edge rest
  • 1 Swiveling rest, functioning as the compass dial
  • 2 Multi-directional glass stops
  • 18″ Ruler
  • 23″ Straight edge

Click to order The Beetle Bits Mini System

More Cutting Systems have arrived just in time for Christmas! Including the Cutters Mate, Cutters Mate mini and the complete Beetle Bits System.

Click to see our entire range of Cutting Systems

Sales expires: January 1st 2019

A Sparkling Friday Afternoon

A nice little project installed this Friday for a very particular client. The client was very fussy with design, colour selection (or lack of colour) and proportion. Ian re drew this 5 times and spent some time discussing glass before we got the green light and Alec was responsible for crafting it to perfection. The balance of various clear textures, two different greys and handmade bevels all added to this simple but elegant door statement. The client is over the moon and commented that it’s far better than she had imagined. Great team effort Ian and Alec!

New Moulds in stock!

A massive shipment of ceramic moulds has arrived! We have replenished the old favourites and added some new moulds to the shelf!

ceramic moulds, glass moulds New Moulds have landed!

Take a look through our catalogue of Moulds! Moulds Catalogue

We recommend using the “MO-RE Spray ‘n Fuse Mould Release” with these moulds. More info here

–  https://perthartglass.com.au/product/fmo-80-spray-n-fuse-mold-release/

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