Due to the fragile nature and variability of glass we do not offer an online shopping cart service for our sheet glass. However, you can confidently browse through our Glass Catalogues below or take a closer look, in store.  Actual contact with our customers ensures that we can select the right glass for you. Ordering for glass is easily done via phone, email or in-store, which ensures you are getting quality advice and service from our very knowledgeable staff. Rest assured that your order will be dealt with personally and professionally. Our store is located at 311 Stock Road, O’Connor WA and all enquiries can be directed here.

Glass Catalogues

Spectrum Glass

With hundreds of glasses on offer from this renowned glass company, you will be sure to find the perfect piece of glass for every project. Manufacturers of a huge range of wispy and streaky glass, iridised glass, ‘Waterglass’ and ‘Rough Rolled’ textures and the popular ‘Baroque’ glass. >>
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System 96 Glass

The number one choice for glass fusing. System 96 is a soft, forgiving glass with a long working range and a wide margin for error. It is famously easy to cut; the colours are bright and consistent, and will tolerate multiple firings without a blemish. Producers of the spectacular ‘Opal Art’ and ‘Spirit’ range of fusible glass. >>
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Vision Art Glass

Vision Art Glass is a brand new selection of glass which you can find in the racks. This stunning new Leadlight glass has a subtle texture with the clarity of colour similar to antique glass. It is available in 3 styles, Cathedral, Opalescent, and Vintage each with their own special features. >>
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Wissmach Glass

Creators of a beautiful range of wispy and streaky glasses; as well as traditional textures such as Ripple, Flemish, Hammered and Florentine. Manufacturer of the popular ‘English Muffle’ and ‘Classic’ or ‘Corella’ Cathedral glasses. >>
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Wissmach 96 Glass

Wissmach 96 is made for glass fusing and kiln forming. Special care is taken to avoid devitrification and all Wissmach glass is tested to fire with any other glass that is labelled COE 96. It is available in 3 styles, Transparent, Opaque and Prisma. >>
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Clear Textured Glass

We carry a large selection of clear textured glass from various manufacturers around the globe. These include reeded textures, Glue Chip, Floreal, Artic, Sparkle and Granite textures. >>
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Lamberts Glass

Lamberts Glass of Germany produces one of the world’s most desirable ranges of exquisite mouth blown, Antique Glass. Manufactured in a centuries old, traditional method, the colours and clarity of this glass are truly superb. >>
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Replica Drawn Glass

Perth Art Glass has developed a manufacturing process to successfully replicate old drawn glass. The new product effectively copies the subtle undulating surface that can be seen in old glass made in the traditional drawn & blown processes. >>
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Textured Cathedral

Tanami Glass has been produced as cost effective restoration glass to replace the old, discontinued Euro Cathedral. This glass achieves that same dimpled rolling texture for a fraction of the price. As a new product on the market, it is sold in 4 colour varieties with the potential for more. >>
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