Lamberts Glass is handmade, manufactured with blow-pipes or as rolled glass in traditionally passed down production techniques. Lamberts Glass features certain characteristics that distinguish their products from purely machine driven production glass. Every one of their sheets is a unique representation of is kind. Consequentially, artisanal features are part of the production process and are not defects.

These manufacturing features are small air bubbles, colour shadings, striations from the moulds, chafe marks, reams or so called ox-eyes (Larger bubbles) that give the product their distinctive character. It is also inevitable and quite common that colours from new productions will differ slightly in each batch.

Sheets that are produced in their genuine, mouth blown method come in sizes approximately 60 x 90 cm with a thickness of 2.5 to 3.5mm. Note the actual thickness can vary between 2mm in the middle and 5mm near the natural edge of a sheet.

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