Private Residence – Jandakot, WA

Project Description

This client had wanted stained glass in their home for 10 + years and finally there wish came true. A simple abstract design to reflect the bush surrounding their home on the outskirts of Perth. We used Lamberts Antique glass for its quality and ability to project colour through the room.

4 panels were commissioned by a private client for their beautiful home in Jandakot. The panels feature a blue wren as the focus, with a vibrant and stylised glass that makes up its tail. This choice of glass travels across all four panels, with flecks of blue, red and gold all linking the panels together into a uniform whole that gives a soothing, flowing feel to the entire living area.

This panel was a pleasure to design and make, using some of the finest glass we have available to create a unique and rare series that lifts the whole space.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

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