Private Residence – Perry Lakes

Project Description

This striking new artwork by Perth Art Glass acts as a privacy screen in one of Perth’s most prestigious inner city redevelopments, Perry Lakes.
Our clients approached us almost 18 months ago with a brief for a privacy screen which would not only become part of the architectural fabric of the building but also a spectacular art piece in itself. We loved the idea and the overall concept was thought out over a number of meetings together with the clients, with Ian Dixon & Joe Hanratty as artists & designers.
The design was strongly influenced by the Perry Lakes Redevelopment Authority guidelines which apply to the estate. The Authority specifies the architecture should represent a retro 1950-60s style with flat or skillion roof lines, minimum colour with a slight Art Deco feel.
Ian took his inspiration from some much admired 1960s internationally renowned German Stained Glass artists. The design concept beautifully referenced their form and grid like repetitiveness using contemporary Kiln formed techniques. The custom Textured and toughened screen also has fused colour components laminated to it to give a sense of movement and life to the overall design. Living Iron, with whom we have worked closely on a number of projects, were commissioned to design and manufacture the steel framework.
The design along with supporting historical design evidence and structural engineering specifications were required to be submitted for approval by the redevelopment authority and the concept was granted approval for production.
Ian’s intimate engagement with our client and the trust they gave him to understand their brief and work through the complex process of design and manufacture resulted in a stunning architectural art piece proudly created by the team at Perth Art Glass bringing to life the creative vision of our clients.

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  1. Perth Art Glass November 6, 2015 at 8:21 am - Reply

    “Our decision to create a work of art in slumped glass as a privacy screen was vindicated when the six panels were lifted high into place on our wall by Ian Dixon and his team. We are thrilled at the result, and believe we possess a unique work of art that is as individualistic as it is original. The final fit-out with its stainless steel framework and tinted glass with its subtle flecks of colour that reference the Perry Lakes environment brought the carefully-planned project to its conclusion. We enjoyed working with Ian on the design factors and were reassured every step of the way by his quiet confidence and attention to detail.” Ron and Margaret Banks, Perry Lakes.

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