The Wellness Machine, Shenton Park

Project Description

At the end of 2019, Ian and Alec mounted a very large piece of Dichroic glass into a steel sculpture, “The Wellness Machine”, designed by artist Andrew Stumpfel and fabricated by our friends at Living Iron.
The vibrant piece of Dichroic glass incorporated into the kinetic sculpture creates a stunning play of light. Dichroic, meaning “two coloured”, has a transmitted colour and a completely different reflective colour. Therefore, when you look at the glass, it appears to have more than one colour at the same time, especially when viewed with different lighting. With its fantastic multicoloured and reflective properties, Dichroic glass is a prime tool used to add interest to any piece of work or project.
Recently, Ian and Alec stopped in to take a look at the completed sculpture, installed at Montario Quarter in Shenton Park. You can see the Dichroic glass throwing a range of glorious colours in the photos.

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