GT 4050 – 15Amp On sale for $2500.00

GT 4050 – 15Amp On sale for $2500.00

Size, Shape and Power

Favoured for it’s rectangular shape and ability to reach temperature easily, the GT 4050 performs well in any glass situation.  The GT 4050 is designed to fire glass and is quite capable of all glass related firing up to 900°C, such as painting, fusing, slumping, casting, etc. It should be noted that the GT 4050 is designed to fire a single layer or shelf. The nature of the GT 4050 is to provide heat from the lid elements directly to the shelf containing the glass. Attempting to fire glass below the top shelf is likely to lead to frustration and disappointment.

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The GT 4050 is capable of all glass firing techniques up to 900°C including fusing, slumping, painting and casting. Standard equipped with our Set-Pro, 3 button control and Swing View Adjustable viewing, the GT 4050 is both easy to program and easy to use. The GT 4050 is Evenheat design to the core with Full Stainless Jackets,  Corner Mounted Hardware, Properly Sized Stands and build quality second to none. The GT 4050 has the size, power and quality to remain your go-to kiln for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Set-Pro Control: The GT 4050 is equipped with our Set-Pro w/ Express Mode, 3 button control. Express Mode offers the artist easy 3 step programming. Simply select your glass COE, firing style and speed and the Set-Pro automatically develops your firing program. It’s quick, easy and accurate. The Set-Pro also features custom programming and firing adjustments that allow you to add time, temperature or skip directly to the anneal.
  • Adjustable: The Swing View Adjustable Control is a pivoting, Control swing-up enclosure that allows the user to rotate the Rampmaster control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle.
  • Full Stainless Jackets: We build our kilns with full stainless jackets from top to bottom. Full jackets mean absolutely solid, life extending construction. There are no leaks,no shifting, no buckles and no weakness. Insist on Full Stainless Jackets for true build quality.

Also Featured

  • Wide Lid Handle
  • Corner Mounting Technique
  • Properly Sized Stand
  • Responsive Thermocouples
  • Standard 16” Stand
  • Excellent Temperature Distribution

Measurements: 50.165cm W x 40cm L x  16.51cm D