GTS 41 – 45Amp, Contact us for pricing

GTS 41 – 45Amp, Contact us for pricing


The GTS 41 is Even heat’s largest top loading glass kiln. The firing chamber dimensions exactly match the Studio Pro 41 to give you a large, uninterrupted firing surface.

The GTS 41 features our TAP Touchscreen, Genesis Touchscreen, Rampmaster or Set-Pro controls and is standard equipped with our exclusive Swing View Adjustable Viewing, Wide Lid Handle and Full Stainless Jackets. Add a full seamless shelf to your GTS 41 to get the most usable firing area.

Key Features:

  • Access Port (Pat. Pend.): The GTS 41 incorporates Evenheat’s Relay Access Port (Pat. Pend.) for simple, no-panel-off relay replacement.
  • Top Load: You’ve been asking for a fiber lid on a top load only kiln and the GTS 41 answers the call. The fiber lid on the GTS 41 uses surface mounted heating elements and Superwool fiber to create a lid that does not drop stones or other debris on the surface of your glass. It’s a very clean design.
  • Fibre Lid Construction: The lid of the Studio Pro 41 is constructed of a special fiber material that provides excellent thermal properties along with light weight. This design allows the heating elements to be positioned on the surface for maximum heat transfer and firing efficiency. We also position these lid heating elements left to right to prevent them from sagging or bunching-up with repeated opening and closing. It’s a small but important detail that guarantees performance and satisfaction over the life of the kiln.

Also Featured

  • Seamless, Full Shelf
  • Swing View Adjustable Control
  • Wonderful Handles
  • Large Size
  • Top and Side fire configuration
  • Power Interrupt Switch

Measurements: 102.9cm W x 64.15cm L x  34.29cm D