MT218SK Vision Glass Mosaic Tiles 25x25mm, 200gm pack


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200gm pack

Approx 48-50 tiles per pack

Wispy White and Cream

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Vision glass mosaic tiles are a colourful and beautiful addition to any mosaic project. Use them on their own or combine them with other tiles for any mosaic project.

Glass mosaic tiles can adhere to any clean dry surface. To adhere use any clear drying glue such as Weldbond or a clear silicone with a crystal clear finish such as Soudal T-Rex. The glass must be completely clean prior to applying any adhesives. Rub the surface down with methylated spirits prior to applying glue. These tiles are 20x20mm and come in a variety of colours as seen in the product gallery above.

Although we strive to create photos that are accurate representations of our products there is always the possibility that individual computers may represent the colour differently.


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