Studio Pro 15 – 10Amp

Studio Pro 15 – 10Amp

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Designed with structural firebrick and high efficiency superwool fiber, the Studio Pro 15 STP defines High Performance, Home Studio Design.

The Studio Pro 15 STP features surface mounted heating elements for maximum heat transfer, Superwool fiber lid for efficiency and increased firing speed potential, Dual Access Design for precision glass placement and our easy to use Set-Pro controller.

Key Features:

  • Front Access: Perfect for glass placement, particularly with glass that can’t be disturbed once placed. Simply build on your shelf and close the chamber. Front access is also great when using manipulation tools that require a horizontal approach such as raking or glass roll ups.
  • Top Access: Excellent for venting., works well when loading forms and comes in very handy when using manipulation tools that require a vertical approach such as glass embossing.
  • Set-Pro Control: Equipped with our Set-Pro w/ Express Mode, 3 button control. Express Mode offers the artist easy 3 step programming. Simply select your glass COE, firing style and speed and the Set-Pro automatically develops your firing program. It’s quick, easy and accurate. The Set-Pro also features custom programming and firing adjustments that allow you to add time, temperature or skip directly to the anneal.

Also Featured

  • Wonderful Handles
  • Fiber Lid construction
  • Corner Mounting Technique
  • Bench Top Operation
  • Floor Stand Included
  • Power Cord Exits to Rear
  • Properly Sized Stand

Measurements: 36.83cm W x 36.83cm L x  16.51cm D