TBB-BOTTLE – Creator’s Bottle Cutter

TBB-BOTTLE – Creator’s Bottle Cutter


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The Worlds Number 1 bottle cutter!

Out of stock


A very accurate & easy to use cutting system to start turning those empty bottle into unique treasures. The Creators Bottle Cutter is ready for use right out of the box. Create vases, drinking glasses, wind chimes, terrariums, whatever your imagination can come up with, all within minutes.

What’s included?
1 Creator’s Bottle Cutter
2 Abrasive Stone for Smoothing Glass Edges
3 Separating Rings
4 Palm Protector

Creator’s Bottle Cutter: A high-tech, dependable bottle cutter that is simple to use and creates precise scores around the bottle.
Constructed from a poly-carbonate plastic, durable stainless steel slide bars, enclosed rubber coated ball bearing rollers (to keep out glass slivers), and is the only Made In USA bottle cutter with a carbide cutting wheel. (CSG-10)

You can score beer bottles, wine bottles, square bottles, triangular bottles, oval bottles. Just about any bottle with a flat bottom. No other bottle cutter on the market can do that with any degree of precision that the Creators Bottle Cutter can.


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