Transparent glass ceramic for fireplaces and stoves.

SCHOTT is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of heat-resistant transparent materials. At Perth Art Glass we distribute SCHOTT ROBAX® whose name is a byword for innovative quality, and is practically synonymous with the sense of warmth and security only a real stove can provide. ROBAX® fireplace panels guarantee a genuine fireside experience. They make it possible to see the fire clearly and get up close to it, yet remain completely protected from flying sparks. SCHOTT ROBAX® gives you a feeling of warmth and safety every day.

ROBAX® glass is extremely heat resistant, robust and features and incredibly low coefficient of thermal expansion. These panes even stand up to incredibly high temperatures of up to 760°C for a short time, as well as considerable shifts in temperature and shocks. These exact characteristics, temperature stability, transparency, heat transmission and a long lifespan are advantages that enable ROBAX® to offer the best possible protection from the dangers of a fire especially compared to conventional flat glass.

Wood is good!

A wood fire is a beautiful thing and eco-friendly as well, due to the small carbon footprint of wood fuel. Here are some great examples how your can turn your wood stack into something beautiful to compliment your ROBAX® glass fireplace. Read it here.

Kiwi wood heater design provides heat and electricity – off the grid!

This great article shows how Kiwi ingenuity and German engineering can bring power, warmth and a readymade stove to families in need across Christchurch. Read it here.

See-through fires give you double the impact!

Open living spaces are an important part of modern house design. We like to feel connected with each other and our surroundings – no walls, open views and a sharing of space. This article has some great ideas using Schott Robax to create your own modern fireplace. Read it here.

Award Winning Design

Taking inspiration from the hot heart of the mountain, MD Darin Butler and his team, have morphed  the humble wood stove into a retro, sculptural fireplace, funky and fabulously efficient. Read it here.

Facts about Robax

  • High heat permeability of the panels
  • Flat panels for increased functionality
  • Available in sizes of up to 195.4 x 110 cm for glaziers or cut to size for the general public to purchase
  • Thickness of 5mm
  • Heating with renewable raw materials
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Technical properties, facts and figures

Including general information, mechanical properties, thermal properties, chemical properties and installation information!
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