What to Expect

Perth Art Glass creates traditional, contemporary stained glass and kiln-formed glass projects. Our O’Connor workshop is a multifaceted space of creativity. With the largest kiln in Western Australia, huge range of glass and traditional and modern tools, we have everything we need to create the project for you.

art deco computer generated stained glass design with clear textures, pale olive green, pink and blue highlights

Step 1: Design

Whether you have a design ready or just a space waiting for creativity, every great project starts with a great design. Ian works closely with our clients to understand their needs and create a digital design with enough detail to start the project.

Step 2: Glass

Our showroom in O’Connor holds a huge variety of glass imported from across the world. You are welcome to come in and fall in love with the glass or allow our talented workshop staff to pick the best glass to fit your design and budget. Our entire glass catalogue can also be found online.

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two shelves of glass racks
Glass art studio with two large kiln beds and overhead kiln on the left and fusing supplies in racks on the right

Step 3: Manufacture

Your stained glass window or kiln-formed glass project will be created in the workshop. The window may be fitted to a window frame provided by you or as a piece on it’s own. We can advise you on the best technique for your situation.

Our Stained Glass commissions are manufactured in our studio with high quality glass and materials ensuring their longevity. With an eye on sustainability and energy ratings we are able to offer a range of solutions such as double or triple glazing and laminated glass to enable the beauty of stained glass to be enjoyed in the most energy efficient new home.

Step 4: Installation

If your project requires installation, our experienced team can work onsite to install all our glass art projects. Our staff are able to install our stained glass commissions ensuring they meet current stringent AS1288 safety standards.

man standing on scaffolding fitting stained glass window into wall

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A large gallery of our projects can be viewed on our online gallery here.

    To see our work in person, we welcome you to our O’Connor shop open 9-5 Monday – Tuesday and 9-12 Saturday. There is no need to make an appointment and one of our friendly staff will be able to answer all your questions.

    Our custom made glass art quotes are based on several factors such as the size of the project, complexity of design and the choice of glass. At Perth Glass Art we will help you to choose the design and materials that will give you a high quality and great looking product within your budget.

    An indication of price is all we can provide over the phone/email as the price of stained glass is based on complexity of design. A more accurate price can only be given once the design and sizes are established.

    If after consultation and estimation of cost you are happy with our design ideas, a deposit will be taken. At this point our glass artist will work with you to finalise your design and produce a coloured artwork for your approval. A glass selection is made with your involvement followed by the building of your new leadlight.

    Yes we do, Perth Art Glass is the leader in the field of Leadlight restoration. For larger restoration projects please contact us and we will personally come on site and quote. For smaller repairs you can bring in your window or send a photo through the contact page or by email to sales@perthartglass.com.au.

    Yes, we provide free quotes. Please call, email or contact us through our website to get started.

    Every Leadlight artwork is custom designed to suit our clients needs and tastes. We have available many books and past proposals to help you decide, however we are also able to interpret your unique design ideas to translate into glass.

    Generally no, this is a sub-standard method of repair. A quality repair will last many years and will need to be carried out in our workshop.

    Yes, our qualified tradesmen are able to install our commissions ensuring they meet current stringent AS1288 safety standards. We will work with builders and architects to meet Work Health and Safety before attending a work site.

    Yes, this is our preferred method of quoting for small Leadlight repairs. You can attach an image file through out website contact form or email it to sales@perthartglass.com.au. Please include a full photo of the window/door and measurements and your address.

    Yes, if you are confident about removing the panel and not damaging it further, this will save you on cost as we will not have to remove or re-install the panel. Please call prior to bringing in your panel. Tip: Place masking tape over the broken pieces when removing the broken panel.