Kiln Formed | Coloured Fused

Kiln Formed | Coloured Fused Glass 

These handmade artworks are created by cutting and assembling tested compatible glasses and firing them in a kiln where they are fused together to form a permanent bond. These pieces have the brilliance of colour which will never fade so your artwork will look as stunning in twenty years as it did today.

Coloured Fused Glass

All our Coloured Fused Glass pieces are custom made, one-off productions with no two panels identical keeping your project unique.

Our Coloured Fused Art Glass is suitable for a large variety of applications including beautiful table pieces, wall features and architectural art pieces.

We are able to laminate the glass to meet current Australian Safety Standards so it is suitable for use in public and commercial situations.

Our qualified tradesmen are able to install our Kiln Formed glass commissions ensuring they meet current stringent AS1288 safety standards.