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Leadlighting Supplies

General Supplies

We carry everything you need to build and complete your leadlight creations; with an extensive range of chemicals and supplies, including:

  • Cement and Whiting;
  • Popular brands of flux including Laco and Bakers;
  • Black and Copper Patina;
  • Mineral Turpentine and Pale Boiled Linseed Oil.

As well as D-Lead cleaning products to remove lead and other heavy metals from the skin and washable surface. While lead contact with the skin is harmless, ingestion can cause medical issues over time. Take care to clean yourself thoroughly after use.

Soldering Irons

We carry a range of Weller soldering irons designed specifically with leadlight use in mind. We also have a selection of Soldering Iron Accessories.

Came and Solder

Everything you need for constructing your glass projects. We carry only the top of the range brands that ensure superior quality.

Lamp Supplies

Everything you need from start to finish for your stained glass lampshades. Including:

  • Vase caps and lamp harps;
  • Lamp fittings and finials;
  • and an assortment of lamp bases.

Copper Foil

We carry a range of Edco Copper Foil and accessories ideal for starting your next Copper Foil project.

Bevels and Jewels

We carry a huge range of glass products that will add that extra sparkle to your stained glass projects. Choose from:


We also carry an array of assorted items for your stained glass projects, such as movements and hands for glass clocks; and jewellery box fittings such as box feet and hinges.


From pattern books to step-by-step instructional books, we carry a huge range that is sure to inspire. The list of titles we carry is constantly changing so be sure to come in and browse.