Woven Textile Designs

Join us to create beautiful woven textile designs in glass.  This very effective technique, mastered by Ian Dixon, is taught over a two day course which will cover design, colour selection, cutting and layout. Your design will then be slumped so that you have two stunning, finished pieces to take home.

How to use Color Line Paints FULL

Color Line Paints are high quality and versatile enamels, suitable for glass and ceramics. They have extra strong pigmentation, producing exceptionally vibrant colours, perfect for all glass fusing projects. In this 3 hour course students will learn how to paint, draw, mix, kiln fire and discover new techniques to create with Color Line Paints. Students will create two pieces that can be taken home after kiln firing.

Vitrigraph and Murrine Course FULL

This exciting course is designed to teach students how to create Vitigraph and Murrine glass componentry to use within their own glass creations. In an intensive 3 hour course students will pull glass came from a Vitrigraph Kiln in groups and will be be shown examples of how these components can be put together into a finished work.