Private Residence – Mount Pleasant WA

Project Description

Over the past 2 months we have been working with a client to clad their above ground concrete swimming pool with glass. The clients had a vision that they were trying to achieve but had no luck in finding a suitable cladding material. Most of the options they looked at were simply functional but boring and did not spark their imaginations.

Luckily whilst searching for ideas they came across our website and this inspired them to investigate the glass option.  After a number of meetings with Ian and developing  trust in his knowledge &  expertise they fell in love with the idea of the Glass cladding which would turn the boring concrete walls into unique art pieces that instantly evoked the feeling of cool beautiful water.

Ian had to work through a number of issues which arose that included Australian safety standards, sealing the edges between the glass panels and the glass to the natural stone tiles. The weight was also an issue as it needed to be raised from up the bottom as the edge was also going to be an infinity edge where the water continually ran over the top.  Ian’s vast knowledge and capability in dealing with large and unusual projects such as this ensured an excellent outcome with all of these issues expertly dealt with.

After the design and layout was approved came the hard work of production. Each panel of glass is custom textured, toughened and custom painted, 1250mm high and 2500mm wide weighing 80KG each panel. Total weight of all the glass is 380kg and the boys had to move these panels at least 10 times during the production!  Needless to say they were rather relieved after final installation!

Happily the clients were over the moon with the finished result and so were we.  We loved being involved with such a unique and beautiful project and dealing with clients who had such great vision and imagination.

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