Project Description

This beautiful window by the late Gowers & Brown, a local studio situated in Greenmount WA was in a little need of some TLC. The background glass is a glass called Normand slab and varies in thickness from 2mm to 6mm giving it a beautiful gradient of colour. The lower section was fitted into a hopper window and after being opened and closed over the years was in a bit of a state. The workshop team carefully extracted it from the frame and brought it back to the workshop for a re-construction.
Due to the glass being so thick and the conventional lead profiles not being high enough to accept 6mm thick glass we had to mill some special profiles to complete the project.
We have a connection to these past artists, Ian, one of the owners of PAG was a personal friend of Ted and Albert and visited their studio from time to time to discuss stained glass, drink tea and enjoy a friendship. Ian always enjoys restoring their old windows due to the connection they had and takes great pride in making sure their work lives on for many years to come.