Endless Possibilities with the V8 Vitrigraph Kiln!

Endless Possibilities with the V8 Vitrigraph Kiln!

Take a look at these beautiful pieces, designed by one of our valued customers #Claire’sGlass. Each bowl was created using Murrine formed with our System 96 glass, in our multi-purpose V8 Vitrigraph Kiln.

The V8 Vitrigraph Kiln

The V8 multi-purpose kiln is sized perfectly for home studios, teachers, instructors and test kiln use. It’s capable of all firing types and techniques including glass, vitrigraph, ceramic, metal clays and more. Its stackable design makes placement easy especially with vitrigraph work.

The V8 easily transforms into the ultimate Vitrigraph kiln with its Vitrigraph base accessory. Vitrigraph use highlights include a corner mounted thermocouple which offers more usable floor space and allows for larger pots up to 7.25″ (competitor models have less usable floor space and are limited in pot size to about no larger than 5.5″).

Designed with convenient use in mind the V8 operates from a standard household plug.

New V8 Vitrigraph kilns will be landing in store early 2019, along with kilns designed for fusing, slumping, annealing and more! We carry kilns suited for hobbyists and professionals alike!

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V8 Vitrigraph Kiln, Evenheat

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